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The VPF is the only organization in Virginia that exclusively represents the interests of the poultry and egg industry on legislative and regulatory issues.

We need to stay united!

The poultry and egg industry will continue to face significant legislative and regulatory challenges in years to come. TMDL's, CNMPs, AFO-CAFO, P-Index: today's catch phrases are tomorrow's proposed rules and regulations. Never before has it been so critical for our industry to stay on top of emerging issues and speak with a strong and unified voice.

Have an impact on Virginia Poultry Farms.

Although we represent all sectors of the poultry and egg industry, a large percentage of the VPF's work addresses legislative and regulatory issues as well as communications with the news media impacting poultry farms.

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The VPF has a solid track record and list of accomplishments in recent years. Just two examples:

  • Successfully negotiated improvements to H.B. 1207 and poultry litter regulations. Provide ongoing advocacy to address poultry farm issues in numerous government and news media venues.
  • Engaged in numerous TV, radio, and newspaper stories defending and promoting poultry farmers.

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