2024 Health & Management Seminar
July 31, 2024
JMU Festival Conference & Student Center

1301 Carrier Dr, Harrisonburg, VA 22807

The only seminar of its kind in the Commonwealth, the Virginia Poultry Federation Health and
Management Seminar is one of the best educational programs for service techs and poultry
growers offered in the United States!

Presenting Speaker Abby Kornegay

Speaker Abby Kornegay

Abby Kornegay is manager, issues and engagement, at the Animal Agriculture Alliance, a nonprofit working to safeguard the future of animal agriculture and its value to society by bridging the communication gap between the farm and food communities. In her role, Abby is responsible for shaping the Alliance's issues management and crisis communications strategy.

Abby leads the Alliance's efforts to expose those who threaten our nation's food security with damaging misinformation, including monitoring and responding to the efforts of adversarial groups. She also coordinates strategic engagement efforts, provides counsel to Alliance members and contacts on issues, and leads the development and implementation of the Animal Ag Allies program. She also represents the Alliance at various industry meetings.

Abby's keynote will be an update on Animal Rights Activists.

Prior to joining the Alliance team, Abby served as animal care program manager for Butterball, LLC. Abby holds both a bachelors and master's degree in animal science from North Carolina State University. She joined the Alliance team in May 2022 and lives in Raleigh, North Carolina with her husband and dog, Luca.

Other speakers include:

Dr. Kymberly Coffman - VDACS - Biosecurity - new audit items for indemnity, lab diseases

Communication/Grower Relations Panel featuring Wes Dove - moderator, Dove Development, Christie Puffenbarger - Aviagen Turkeys, Craig Miller - turkey grower, Dan King- broiler grower

Douglas Hughes & Team - DEQ - Litter storage and management regulatory update

Breakout session topics:
Lighting, Litter Management, Gut Health, Pest Control, and more

Pullets at feeder
two chickens
Turkeys feeding
Chickens at round feeder